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Eastside Kids

Written by mandahow

November 11, 2020


Friendly, outgoing, and bright were the main thoughts behind the branding for Eastside Kids. Something “eye-catching” and fun that would resonate with kids, but would also present an air of professionalism that would put parents at ease.

Pieces Designed

  • Logo
  • Brand Guide
  • Patterns
  • Usage Scenarios


The design for the Eastside Kids logo incorporates a playful circle motif with an ‘E’ and ‘K’ monogram for “Eastside Kids.” The main type mimics the main logo font for Eastside Baptist Church. “Kids” was designed in a custom typeface specifically for Eastside Kids that mirrors the original ‘K’ in the monogram. A nod to Eastside’s main logo is in the navigational arrow over the ‘i,’ pointing east, of course. In the final revision round, we added the compass spokes to the logo as another unifying element to Eastside’s branding as a whole.

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