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Have you ever wished that you could hire a designer for a day?

You know—someone you can trust to take your ideas and develop them—all in just one day? You are first in line. You don’t have to sit around, hoping that the designer will get back with you and be able to squeeze you into their calendar. No back-and-forth with revisions and endless emails that span the course of weeks… or worse, MONTHS. 

Just one whole day. For you. Sounds fun, right? 

If it does (and trust me—it is!), try my Book-a-Day Rate! 

Some ideas of what we can do in a day…
or a few…

Mini Branding Package

logo, color palette, brand guide, one or two collateral items

Identity Suite

business cards, letterheads, brochures, pamphlets, etc.

Event Design

workbook, posters, name badges, invitations

Course Materials

worksheets, presentations

Small Website

3–5 pages or one scrolling page

…or a laundry list of random design jobs you haven’t had the time for!

How does it work?

 Schedule your Book-a-Day!

Pick a day on my calendar that works for you to collaborate on your project.

 We knock out your project!

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and “ooh and ahh” as your designs come to life.

 Show off your brand!

Use your beautiful new materials to confidently reach your dream audience.

P. S.

The success of the day depends on a bit more than my savvy skills. I’m going to bring my gamut of creativity, full palette of colors, and unique technical skill to the table, and you’ll need to bring the worksheets and mood board for your business. (Don’t worry—I’ll teach you how!)

All together, they will combine to make an awesome Book a Day for both of us. I’m going to give you my all—and I’ll love it if you do, too.

Why Choose Book-a-Day?

It’s fun! I mean, watching your vision come to life before your eyes—that’s enough right there! But not only that, it’s…


We work together on the mood board you’ve created, implementing all of the ideas you have already developed into your chosen projects. In the long run, this saves us time because we have everything we’ll need right in front of us.


You’ll get your projects done in one day, instead of waiting for weeks or possibly months. Then you can go on to other important things in your life…like drinking coffee and relaxing with friends.


You’ll get a clear picture of the #BTS as we work on your projects. Who knows? You may even learn something new about some of the techy side of the projects.


I don’t mess around. I keep the project moving ahead, and you can see everything upfront. You can rest assured that I will keep you informed every step of the way.


You’ll get the chance to have a say in every detail. I want you to be happy with everything that I create, because this is your project.

Less Expensive

You’ll spend less on my Book-a-Day rate than you would if your projects were spread out over weeks or months. Yes, you can sigh with relief.

If you like collaborating, getting a job done quickly, and laughing a lot, choose my Book-a-Day Rate!

not quite


I get it! It’s a big investment and we may not have worked together before, so I understand your hesitation. Don’t worry, though—we can chat before you decide.