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How and Why to Book a Day with Me!

Written by mandahow

March 19, 2021

If you’ve ever worked with… well, anybody, you know that projects often take some time. There are usually lots of emails, lots of back and forth… and back and forth… and back and forth (you get the idea!). And then by the end of it, you’re tired, they’re tired, and sometimes you may not even be satisfied with the outcome you’ve been working on for weeks (or worse — months! We’ve all been there, haven’t we?).

Maybe you just want your design project done, done well, and at a price you can afford. You want to be involved in the project but don’t want weeks and weeks of endless emails. You want to save time, but don’t want a lousy outcome. You are willing to invest in it, but don’t want to give up an arm and a leg.

Sounds like what you need is to Book a Day with me! 

Imagine this…

You walk into work on a Thursday morning to a friendly email in your inbox reminding you your Book a Day is going to start in just about an hour.

You grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or energy drink, if that’s your thing), sit down at your computer, and start working on some tasks you need to take care of.

Right on the dot an hour later, a message comes through — your Book a Day has started, so keep an eye out for some drafts in the next couple hours for you to review!

You keep working on your own projects and, as expected, another message comes through a little while later with some options for you to choose from for your design project.

You give your feedback (after all this, is your project, so it should be just how you want it!) and send your revisions back.

A bit later, updated drafts come through and you’re starting to really get excited because they are exactly what you are looking for.

This continues throughout the day and you watch your vision for your project come to life right before your very eyes.

At the end of the day, your inbox dings and you open it up to find a neatly packaged digital folder full of your project files along with instructions for how to use them, plus thirty full days of support in case you need help with any of it. 

Sound too good to be true? If you think so, here’s what David from Rockwell Christian School in North Carolina has to say about Book a Day!

I would say go for it! I was skeptical first about doing it virtually, but it worked great. Everything got done, and my day wasn’t clogged up with this single meeting.

Not sold? 

Here are a few quick reasons why a Book a Day is a great investment for your business.

1. It’s efficient — we work together to bring to life your already established vision in the form of graphic design projects.

2. It’s fast — you’ll get your project (or projects, if you’re really ready to go!) done in just one day instead of playing the waiting game for ages upon ages.

3. It’s empowering — you’ll get a behind the scenes view into my process and will be given the tools you need to be successful with your finished project.

4. It’s straightforward — you give me a list of things to do, and I get them done.

5. It’s collaborative — if you’re someone who likes to be heavily involved in your projects, you’ll enjoy watching your changes to your designs happen in real time.

6. It’s less expensive — rather than spreading your project out over weeks or months (and adding up the hours —aka— $$$), you pay one flat rate for anything and everything we can fit into one day!

Sooo… are you ready to book your day? 

I was thinking you might be. Pick a day on the calendar below and we’ll get your Book a Day in the works!

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